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Sharing the adrenaline rush that is basejumpin’ with others is intrinsic to the sport. The very founders of modern basejumpin’ worked together as a team to partake in twin and successive jumps, and document their daring. Use our website to find a team looking for another member, or create your own legendary group for your next adventure.

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Because basejumpin’ is known as one of the most extreme of all recreational sports, discovering people who share your passion may be a challenge. Until now. Sign up and find local BASE jumpers nearby. Sign up and start networking!

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Due to the peril inherent in the sport, finding locations where basejumpin’ is not banned, and even more rarely, legal, can prove to be a challenge. Take advantage of our comprehensive database of locations (logged in and vetted users only) to get one step closer to your BASE number.


Gear Garage

If you’ve got gear taking up space at home that you no longer use, from ram-air parachutes to pilot chutes to wing-suits, our gear garage is the place to sell it— or better yet, donate it to a beginner BASE jumper just learning the sport.

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